Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and collection and storage of personal data

Data collection

Information collected by ""

1. When using Website the User may be required to Register in order to allow the User to use certain Services.
2. “” has the discretion to use all information provided by the User, which is submitted during the Registration, as well as to use other information about the User collected by “” by other ways.
3. The information that is collected during the User’s Registration and (or) when the User logs in to the Websites, or when the User is just visiting the Websites is divided into anonymous and personal.
4. Anonymous information. “” collects anonymous information related to facts that cannot be applied to an individual visitor. For example, “” collects certain information every time the User visits “” website in order to provide higher quality for users browsing the Websites. “” collects the IP addresses of all visitors, the related data (for example, the address of the last website which the person visited before browsing to “” website) and the types of browsers and operating systems (for example, “Firefox” browser, “Windows” operating system). “” collects this information for the purposes of the Service Monitoring, improvement and for other purposes. “” also collects information about the User's answers to questions on the Website in order to determine the User's opinion on the Services and the Websites’ advertising. “” receives this information from all users, regardless of whether they are registered or not.
5. Personal information. This information is related to data that accurately describes the User, such as name, phone, etc. Such information can be collected in addition to the anonymous information. “” collects personal information by the following ways from the different parts of the Websites.
If the User wants to use Paid Services, “” may require, and the User is required to provide such information as a credit card number, a User's phone number and other information. Failure to provide the information required by “” may result in denied access to certain services.
6. Correspondence and communication: if the User contacts “”, “” can save the records of such communication and other related information.
7. “” has the right to collect information about the User once the User logs in to the network. This information shows the websites visited by the User, at what time and how often the User visits those websites. Also, this information includes data that the User sends in “” network.

Data management
1. The Service Provider manages the personal User’s data, therefore the volume of personal data depends on the User. In most cases the following data is processed: User’s name, last name, nickname, email address, phone number, photo (s), IP address, hobbies, the content of correspondence messages, place of residence, gender, date of birth/age, login and logout times, the portal browsing history, marital status, the number of a credit card and (or) a bank account.
2. The Service Provider will not transfer all of the above mentioned information comprising the Users' personal data without the User's consent to any third party, unless required by applicable law or if it is necessary for the purposes of providing the service. Currently, for the purpose of providing the service, the data is released to persons providing payment services and to persons providing server rental services. When providing their services these persons access or can access some of the User’s information. However, the Service Provider shall ensure that these persons will not be able to use such information for any other purposes and only to the extent necessary to perform their assigned functions.
3. By registering at the dating site as a User and agreeing to these Terms of Use a person expresses his consent to receive an unlimited amount of information, advertising and other kind of information from “” website.
4. Informative, advertising and other type of information may be provided to the User by any means, based on any User’s data provided to the portal. The following data can be used most commonly for the purpose of direct marketing: User’s name, email address, telephone number, picture, IP address, hobbies, content of correspondence messages, place of residence (address), sex, date of birth/age, login and logout times , website browsing history. The User has the right to withdraw his consent to receive the said information from “”. The statement on withdrawal of information transmission shall be sent to the email address of the service provided indicated on the website or by phone +37064608218.

Data storage
1. All User’s personal information provided during the User’s registration and during the use of dating services and other data will be stored for a year after the data subject himself removes the data or from the last date of the data subject’s activity on the portal. When the User removes the data, it is kept in an inactive database for a set period of time.
2. During registration, the User’s information, as well as any other information that becomes available to the User of “” when using the Websites and (or) Services, is collected and stored only at “”. “” reserves the right to combine the information chosen by “” with third parties, in so far as it does not contradict the personal data management rules of “”, the rules of use of “” and applicable law.
3. “” draws User's attention to the fact that the Websites may contain links to other websites. Some of these websites can store User's personal information, and promotional websites may use “cookies” and “web beacons” (also called “network spies”) in their advertisements in order to gather information about the Visitor. Please read section 4 of the Privacy Policy, where you can learn more about advertising on the Websites. The Privacy Policy of “” and its provisions do not include the privacy policy applied by third parties and regulations concerning the collection of information. “” is not and will not be held responsible for any actions of third parties that collect information about the Visitor.

The storage place of the information identifying a person

1. The User understands and agrees with the fact that the User's Login Data, as well as any other information related to the User that is collected by “” can be stored both in the Republic of Lithuania or in any other country. When using Websites the User agrees with the above mentioned transmission of information outside the User's country.
2. Measures that may be taken by the User to protect his information
3. “” warns that the User must be cautious and not to disclose any personal information (such as a User's real name, personal identification number, email address, and so on) to third parties, when using the Services of the Websites. Such information may be used against the User's interests, as well as for committing fraud, sending of spam, and so on. In order to limit sending of spam, “” blocks certain email addresses and domains which are not allowed to send emails to the email box of any visitor who uses the email service provided by the Websites.
4. “” aims to protect minors who use the Websites and the Services, however, “” has no chance to protect such persons after they leave the Websites. “” requests the Visitor to warn underage persons, who use the Websites and (or) Services, not to share their personal information with any third parties.
5. “” draws parents' attention to the availability of software that prevents the access of minors to inappropriate information on the Internet.

Change of User’s information and the right to be forgotten
1. The User has the right to access the personal data collected and the possibility to exercise this right easily and at reasonable intervals to be aware of the data management and to verify its legality.
2. The User who presents an identity document or verifies his identity according to the laws or by electronic means of communication, which enables the identification of the person, has the right to access free of charge his data processed by the Service Provider and to obtain the information from what sources and what type of personal data has been collected, for what purposes such data is processed, and to whom such data is provided or has been provided at least over the last year. The Service Provider, upon the User's request, no later than within 30 calendar days from receipt of the User’s request in writing, shall provide the requested data or indicate the reason for rejection of such a request. Upon the User’s request such data must be provided in writing. If the User gets familiar with his personal data and finds that it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, he applies to the Service Provider (in writing, by e-mail, via websites of the services provided or by other form).
3. The Service Provider must check the personal data and to immediately correct the incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate personal data and (or) suspend processing of such personal data, except its storage. The user can complain about the Service Provider’s actions (inaction) as a data manager and (or) manager, to the State Data Protection Inspectorate within 3 months of receipt of the reply or within 3 months of the date on which the deadline for replying expires.
4. The User has the right to request that his personal data would be erased and further unprocessed, when the processing of personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, where the data subject has withdrawn the consent or does not consent to the processing of personal data.
5. The User may, and in the cases specified in the Rules must add and (or) change his Login data, if it has changed. Login data can be changed according to the procedures and methods of the Website.

Information protection measures

1. “” uses software and other measures to protect the Login data of all Users. Only to authorized “” employees can access Login data of the Users. does not collect, store or otherwise work with credit cards and any other information related to credit cards. The third party through which the payments are made is responsible for collection and protection of such information.
2. “” reminds that the User is responsible for secrecy of all of the data. ”” asks to be careful in using and protecting their Login data. The User should disconnect from the browser once the browsing is finished in order to be sure that no one can access the User’s email, personal information, especially in cases when the User uses a public computer (for example, in the Internet café, library).
3. “” is committed to try to protect the User's personal data, which is handled by “”, but given the fact that the User’s information is sent using an Internet connection, “” warns that “” cannot guarantee or warrant the security of the information transmitted by the User, including personal data.

Protection of minors

“” cares for the protection of minors’ rights and limit their access to all Services intended to adult persons. Therefore, all the parts of the Website are only for adult audiences. Minors are strictly forbidden to visit such Websites or their parts.

Privacy policy and the principles of cookie use

When providing “” services and collaborating with customers we are guided by the principles of partnership. We follow these principles when managing Your personal data and carefully protecting your privacy. In this document we present the principles for collection and use of information about our visitors in our website.

Cookie is a small text file used by many websites to record repeated visits by consumers. Since cookies are inactive file, their use is safe. Cookies do not spread viruses or other malicious programs. Please note that cookies are used in most Internet websites. Cookies used in “” website help ensure proper operation of the website and make it easier to adapt the website to Your needs. This allows You to successfully use the website, engage in “” services and order the desired service.

The cookies used in “” website:
- Necessary – storing of information of the current visit,
- Behavioral cookies – storage of visits statistics,
- Functional cookies – storage of information on users’ options and settings.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:
- The information stored by cookies is used to ensure normal operation and the functioning of the website, to collect statistical data, in order to improve the website and to create the easiest conditions for visitors to use the website.
- Cookies also help us to recognize You as a previous visitor of the website, save the history of Your visits on “” and adjust the content based on this information. In this way we can improve the website, making it more convenient for You.
- If, when You visit our website, You ask to be contacted, You send us an inquiry, an email, giving your name, email address or phone number, we use this data for the sole purpose of your order and providing all necessary information about our services.
- Behavioral cookies collect anonymous information about the pages visited by website visitors. With their help we learn what goods and what site information interest You the most.
- Functional cookies remember your browsing choices, so when You revisit, You will not have to set the same parameters again.

Please be advised that the data received from cookies is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation. None of the information is transferred to any third parties.

Cookies disabling:

You can always view on your browser what kind of cookies we record. Also, You can withdraw consent to the use of cookies at any time by modifying the settings, and deleting the cookies saved in Your browse. Please note that disabling cookies some website features may not work.

If you do not want to receive cookies from the website “”, open your Web browser options, select the “Advanced Cookie settings”, and add the website address of “” to the list of websites whose cookies you do not wish to receive. You can also choose to delete individual cookies or all cookies previously saved in your browser. For more information about cookies, how to delete or manage them, visit the website