Registration Terms

Registration rules

Before uploading your photo to this website, please read the Registration Terms (hereinafter - the Terms). By submitting your photo to the website, you express your consent to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not upload your photos to the website and not participate in “” Internet portal. The website reserves the right to change, add or remove these terms at any time in its sole discretion. In you continue using the website, after publication of any changes in terms it will mean your acceptance of such changes.

1. Restrictions

You agree not to use this website for any illegal purposes including but not limited to uploading, publication, review, transmission, sending, loading, storage, reproduction and/or distribution of any content on the website, which:
(1) violate any copyright, trademark or patent,
(2) create a trade secret or other confidential information,
(3) would be offensive or harmful against a person,
(4) violate any person's right to privacy or publicity rights,
(5) harm persons or property or otherwise impede any person and/or
(6) violate any other laws of the Republic of Lithuania and international agreements
(7) to have more than one profile
(8) post job ads
(9) to advertise services or other goods

Requirements for photos:
- Your face must be CLEARLY visible and recognizable in at least one photo
- Do not upload images of landscapes, animals, drawings, items, objects and etc.
- Do not upload photos, which are protected by copyright
- Do not upload photos with addresses of other website
- Do not upload photos of children under 18 years of age
- Do not upload the same photos
- Do not upload another person’s photos
- Main photo can't contain genetalis

2. Permission to use for minors

You acknowledge that you are of legal age and have the right to use this website.

3. Restricted content

You shall be prohibited to keep, publish, send, download, distribute or transmit any offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, or illegal content or any content that could be considered as a crime or encourage such behavior that can be considered a crime or cause any other legal liability. Samples of illegal content include but are not limited to direct threats of physical harm, harassment, pornography and use of material protected by copyrights, trademarks, or other private material without the appropriate consent. Restricted content also includes, but is not limited to:

(1) programs with viruses and/or measures that infringe on security of this website and/or other website,
(2) requests or advertising,
(3) proposals or promotion of illegal activities
(4) uploading and distribution of work and promotional offers,
(5) the private information about any person such as telephone numbers, addresses, personal identification number or any other private information, and
(6) double publication or mass sending of any information and pornography or the cases of publishing, sending, loading, storage, selling or distribution of other offensive content, as the website management decides at the sole discretion, is strictly prohibited
(7) post or otherwise advertise other sites
(8) request the transfer of money to bank accounts

The User must pay all damages arising to “”, to other Users or third parties, when the User is using the portal's services and/or facilities.
The registration of the User engaged in activities prohibited by the website is immediately removed, and the information that does not comply with the legislation requirements and has been uploaded by the User is immediately erased and can be transmitted to law enforcement and other competent authorities.
Any person who noticed any illegal information or activities on the website must immediately notify the website provider.
Persons may be held administratively and criminally liable for engagement in the prohibited activities and uploading of prohibited information on the dating website. The service provider shall inform the law enforcement authorities about any observed violations of the law.
The website administration reserves the right to lock or remove the user's photos that do not comply with the rules of the website or with the formed image. The users can upload personal open nature photos, but they must be locked. Photos depicting persons under 18 years of age and photos where the user is not visible or the user can be seen vaguely will be immediately removed without prior notice.
It is also not allowed to upload several identical pictures.
Any login to the website not on one’s own and using software codes, as well as the use of HTML codes or any programming scripts in order to receive benefits, to harm the website or its members is prohibited and the user’s profile is immediately removed, and the information about violations, if they incur administrative or criminal liability under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania shall be notified to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

4. Restrictions on the use of the content

This website is the property of and is managed by (here referred to as “”, “we”, “us” or “our”). No content of this website in any way can be reproduced, re-published, loaded, published, transmitted or distributed. Any modification or use of the content for any other purpose is the violation of copyright and other private rights. All trademarks, service marks and trade names presented on this website are the property of or has permission to use them.

5. The property of content and the rights to use it

You represent and warrant that you are the only owner of all the rights to your published content (including all related copyrights) or that you have an unconditional right and license to this content, as provided in this paragraph. Although the copyright of the published content will remain your property, you agree that all content published by you become a part of database, be stored and used for an indefinite time period and that is the owner of the database and copyright in works derived from the content. In addition, you wave all rights to the content, including moral rights, privacy rights and publicity rights. Neither nor any other third party using the content in accordance with this paragraph shall be obliged to pay you a royalty or other remuneration for the use of the content.

6. Impunity

You agree to compensate the damages, to hold harmless and defend, its employees, licensors, licensees and successors (collectively, the “protected parties”) from any and all claims, compensation, damages, costs or liability (including reasonable fees to jurists and court costs) arising out of or relating to breach of these rules and regulations from your or any other person’s acting on your instructions, orders or control side, including but not limited to release, distribution, or other use of content published by you or any other person using your password.

7. Exemption

You forever exempt and waive the rights of you, your adult offsprings, successors and heirs to sue or any other protected parties in court for any damage or loss allegedly arising from release or use of any of the content you uploaded, including but not limited to any damage or loss that may result viewing, downloading or uploading any content of this website. You agree to waive any and all claims that you have or may have to arising from the use and/or continued use of this website, regardless of whether you have known about them or not, and waive the right to the part and the privileges, as well as similar statutes, regulations and ordinances.

8. Disclaimer

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will not be liable for special, secondary, indirect, punitive or consequential damages or compensation for them arising from your use or inability to use this website, any website content, services, functions, products and/or any of the related software, even if or its authorized representative has been notified of the possibility of such compensation. The applicable law may not provide liability or limitation or exclusion of compensation for incidental or consequential damages, therefore, the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

9. Termination reserves the right to terminate your access to this website at any time for noncompliance of the rules and regulations or the laws, or if so decided by for other reasons, without a warning, without a reason and without liability. You acknowledge that your reliance on the continuity of these services is not justified because has the right to terminate services or your membership for any reason at any time without notice and without reason, and without liability. When terminates the existence of this website, you acknowledge and agree that has the discretion to decide how to remove all the content and information in any way. If any party terminates the services/service use, you must destroy all material or content received from this website.

10. Responsibility

The website administration is not responsible for glitches and bugs of mobile operators. The administration of is not responsible for the information content posted on blogs and forums by the portal members.

11. The rights of credit card holders

All electronic payments must have the appropriate rules:
1) Before you buy read the rules, including the settlement system, delivery and other charges
2) you have protection against theft
3) you can request a refund if you did not receive your goods or services
4) if someone used your credit card

Payment and refund
1) The services of are paid. The Visitor understands and agrees that paid services can be provided only after the Visitor pays to “” for Paid Services according to the procedure provided for in the Websites. “” has the right to unilaterally change the amount of fees for any Paid Services and payment procedures.
2) The Visitor understands and agrees with the fact that at the end of the period for which the Visitor has paid in order to access certain Paid Services (if the Visitor does not extent this period), the Visitor may be limited access to use Paid Services and for this reason the Visitor may be deprived to access certain Services, including but not limited to access to all or part of the accessible Website, or the content available only to the Visitor, as well as the loss of all or part of Visitor’s personal information or the loss of other content.
3) Part of the paid services is of subscription nature, is not responsible for the fact that you do not use the services, but have not terminated the subscription.
4) If the Visitor’s access to Websites and (or) the use of the Paid Services provided by the Websites is limited or suspended for reasons other than violation of these Rules, “” is committed to extend the use of Paid Services to the Visitor for the period for which the Paid Services were not provided but the Visitor has paid (unless Paid Services were limited without the guilt of “” and in the case laid down in the clause 3.4. of the Rules).

The buyers can ask for refund to his VISA or MASTERCARD within 14 days from the date of purchase. Return is possible only in the following cases:
1) the good or service was not provided:
The user did not login to the website;
The user did not chat with other members and/or did not use other paid services;
2) you received a different product or service;
3) the seller has canceled the order and failed to return the money;
4) someone else may have used your credit card;
5) you can't ask money return for rebill payments;
If the payment is consistent with any of these cases, you will be returned the amount of money spent, and this amount will be deducted from the seller accordingly. Otherwise it is considered that you have been using the paid services and the money will not be returned.

By purchasing a membership with a credit card, you activate automatic Payments. At the end of the set period, your membership will be automatically extended for 3/6/12 months (depending on the plan you choose). You can unsubscribe it at any time.

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12. Contact us.
12.1. Questions relating to the Privacy Policy should be sent to:
Dating stars OU
Narva-5, Tallinn, Estonia
Registration number: 11918310
LT: +37065236290
LV: +37128155415
[email protected]

13. Updates
13.1. “” has the right to unilaterally change the Privacy Policy, and such changes will take effect after publication in any of the Websites. If the User after publication of changes in Privacy Policy has used the Website and (or) services, it is considered that the User agrees with all the changes. If the User does not agree with the amended content of Privacy Policy, he loses the right to use the Services, and has to immediately cancel his registration on the Websites.