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I forgot my password to access my account, what I have to do?

Follow the link in the top meniu [Forgot Password] and enter your username or e-mail address. The password will be sent to your e-mail in few minutes. We use your main e-mail from our database, that you entered during registration or changed in your profile.

How to change my account information?

Follow the link in the left menu .

How to delete my account?

Follow the link in the left menu and then and click .
Warning! After using this function all your account information will be deleted and can't be restored. Please think twice of your choice results. Also please don't forget before account deletion to stop your subscription yourself.

I changed my profile info, why it's not changing?

New information will be added/refreshed in a few minutes when database collects all cached data.

Why my account can't be find via search or isn't displayed in Friends List's?

If the search values are correct, possibly you are pending of new photos confirmation. Administration will check and approve/deny your new photos as soon as possible.
You allways can check your pictures status in top meniu page near the link "Change my photos" - (Pending/Approved/Real).

When I try to login system shows error "Profile Disabled" or "Profile is Frozen". What does it mean?

Your profile was disabled because our site ignoring.
Your profile won't be ever enabled, later it will be deleted from database.

The person's data (messages, comments, profile) just gone. Why it may happen?

Probably this user was disabled.
Why it happened you can read one answer above.
Couldn't find your answer? Contact admin.